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LOV stands for Lily Of the Valley. The the is silent... don't think about it too much. 

Similarly to Yoni oil, DELILAH's LOV oil is induced with properties made to care for your intimate areas, aka your vagina. Each of these oils has a purpose and plan. Let's break it down:

The word Nehama means "one who brings Comfort" in Hebrew. This is exactly what this oil will do for you. Razor-rash burning, itching, dryness of the skin, even discoloration, Nehama will get rid of it all.

Rophe means "to Heal" in Hebrew. Therefore, this oil is dedicated to treating and preventing infections, such as BV and candidiasis (yeast infection)- itching, burning, abnormal discharge, odor, and more. The ingredients are particular to the symptoms of the infection and will soothe the area.

In Hebrew, Tirzah means "Delight." This oil is for lovemaking. It targets the vagina's ability to moisten during sex and produce the necessary lubricant for a delightful time for you and your husband.

Image by Malvestida

Tirzah LOV Oil

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